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TroubleShooting Service Generation

1. After configuring ISG as mentioned in page ‘Install of ISG‘, a user needs to check following link: http://host:port/webservices/SOAProvider/?testquery

where host:port can be taken from AppsLogin URL of EBS environment.

If this returns ‘Test Response‘, then you can be pretty sure that there had been no errors during install of ISG and you can proceed to step2, else carry out following steps:

  • From Oracle Workflow Manager, make sure that all workflow agent listeners, service components, background engines, and notification mailers are all up and running.
  • Ensure that the password assigned to the “ASADMIN” user through User Management of Application login is same as the one updated in $ORA_CONFIG_HOME/10.1.3/j2ee/oafm/config/system-jazn-data.xml
  • Bounce the middle-tier (oafm and oacore containers)


2. Navigate to a Interface Detail Page of the interface for which you would like to generate the service, either through navigation or search page. Click on Generate. If generate is unsuccessful, error would be shown on top of the detail page. Sometimes it is intuitive, for example, for a plsql service, error is “method abc.xyz was not found“, which means plsql package abc is either invalid in database or xyz method is undefined. Sometimes error message can be confusing or unintuitive. In such cases enable log for service generation. Logs can be enabled through:

  • Log in to Apps using sysadmin/sysadmin
  • Go to ‘System Administrator’ Responsibility -> Oracle Applications Manager -> Logs
  • Go to Log Setup
  • At Site Level : enable log for module=%fnd.soa%. Give log file name=/tmp/SOALog.log (or any other file you would like)
  • Bounce oafm container.
  • Go to Interface Detail Page and click generate.

Logs would get created in file specified above.

3. A very common error is ‘http 403‘ error on clicking generate button. This happens for complex apis for whom services take a long time to generate. Although the generate process is still running in server, UI timesout after sometime. For such cases, revisit the page after 15-30 mins and then if there were no errors encountered during generate, you would see service in ‘generated’ state. If there was any error, it could be checked in logs.

User can also generate services through  $FND_TOP/bin/soagenerate.sh script.

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